Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at Home is a comprehensive, 7-year curriculum for ages 11 – 18 (grades 6 – 12), written by Mrs. Ann Ward

Obviously, it is aimed primarily at girls (although many who use the curriculum use it as a home economics curriculum for boys as well), and it is written from a rather conservative, American Christian perspective.

The reference “keepers at home” comes from a Bible verse (Titus 2:5)

Over the seven years, the following topics are covered:


Godly Womanhood Flower Arranging Making a House a Home
Sewing Basketry Caring for the Sick & Injured
Cooking/Baking Family Finances Family Celebrations
Gardening Embroidery Childbearing
Knitting Child Development Infant Care & Breastfeeding

Making Greeting Cards

Child Training Raising Small Animals
Home Management Cross Stitch Soapmaking
Quilting Hospitality Candlemaking
Crocheting Caring for the Elderly Woman’s Health Concerns
Comforting the Mourning Rug Braiding Home Business


This site is designed to support and encourage the teaching of Home Economics as a subject and traditional home crafts, whether or not you are using this specific curriculum. It is based on the now sadly removed, excellent information website on the TODKAH curriculum by the Ingram family.


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